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As a member, you gain access to our extensive expert network with solid knowledge in financing, sustainability & business transformation, innovation & entrepreneurship, new business logics, business models, change management, creativity, and more. This way, you have shorter paths to financing that suit your specific needs and can make better decisions in your business.

We listen to your needs and provide what you need through conversations with experts, newsletters, and networking events.

Welcome, no matter what type of entrepreneur you are or how you operate your business, whether you feel at home in the current entrepreneurial climate or if you want to be part of building new contexts!

The more members we have, the more we can accomplish. It's as simple as that! So, feel free to also recommend others to join

So far only in Swedish!


Bli medlem

  • Medlemsskap

    Every month
    Få koll på framtidens företagande, finansiering och bygg nya nätverk via vår plattform.
    • Du får tillgång till vårt onlinenätverk
    • Du får 20% rabatt på våra föreläsningar
    • Du får löpande uppdateringar om events och olika tips
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