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We want female founders to get access to the funds needed for growing their companies and changing the world.

Today, companies founded by women receive 1% of the venture capital*. The numbers haven't changed for the last 6 years. The explanation we often get from the venture capital industry for why this is:  women 1. do not exist, 2. do not want to build scalable companies, 3. does not have good enough business models.

We know that this is not the case. However we do know that decisions are influenced by prejudice and and lack of communication and that the knowledge about how to invest in and help build companies in sustainable and inclusive ways is needed.


We are convinced that women's ideas and innovations are crucial for being able to meet societal challenges. Therefore, we want to make companies founded by women and non-binaries more visible by publishing lists of companies and in this way contribute to them receiving the support and financing they need and deserve.

We make the lists of companies seeking investments available to various actors that offer financing and / or other types of support.

                                                                                                         * source Dagens Industri

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This is what happens now:

We review submitted companies based on some criteria, such as female ownership and future potential. 

We then make lists of companies based on various criteria that we present on an ongoing basis.

We share the lists here, on social media and with interested investors. Are you an investor and want to know more? Click here .


Follow the project and read about the companies in social media and on our blog (Swedish only)! We have the ambition to grow in different ways in the future.

Are you interested in helping to make the list rich in content and that there can be more lists?

Contact us at


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