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For over 40 years, women's entrepreneurship has been subject to political goals, gender equality strategies, research, and practical development projects in Sweden. Despite this, the proportion of women running businesses does not increase - in some respects, it is even decreasing. Today, women receive 1% of venture capital, and since measurements began eight years ago, this figure has not changed.

This is not only a problem for women themselves, who miss out on opportunities to bring their ideas into the world, but also for society as a whole, which fails to capitalise on the existing potential, especially regarding sustainability issues.

According to consistent research and change projects, this mainly revolves around the fact that there are systems, norms, and beliefs about how entrepreneurship should be conducted, primarily associated with qualities we consider masculine. As a result, women face difficulties in obtaining support and financing for their ideas.

Currently, we have an enormous need to transform society and create companies that focus on new, circular economic models and innovations that can help us solve the climate crisis, among other things. As women are overrepresented among those concerned about the climate and among those questioning the current systems and seeking new types of businesses, we want to work towards increasing the focus on their companies.


We tirelessly work to give a voice to these companies. By increasing the chances of financing and support, by showcasing alternative paths to building companies in our complex and changing world, and by providing entrepreneurs with a network of like-minded pioneers they would not have otherwise encountered.


The goal is clear. How can we best reach it? We want to try a new approach. By crowdfunding Position 99, we hope to receive enough contributions to continue our work. The more members we have, the greater difference we can make.





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