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This initiative was born out of frustration with the fact that companies founded by women only receive 1% of venture capital. Those of us working at Position 99 have extensive experience in women's entrepreneurship and over the years have undertaken various projects and development programs, self-financed companies, generated public opinion, written reports, organised events, and conducted roundtable discussions to delve deep into the issue and create practical change.

Today, we are not only creating a list but actively working to empower women in their entrepreneurship and connecting companies with what they need to grow in various ways.

The initiator is Anna Branten, and the lists are brought to life in collaboration with the Institute for Transition and The Yes Way.

We bring a broad network of experts on financing,  sustainability & business transformation, innovation & entrepreneurship, new business logics, business models, change management, brand building, creativity and more.

We work closely together with  The City of Stockholm, Connect, EIT Urban Mobility, Stockholm School of Economics and Kista Science City.

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