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                                                  We collect and bring spotlight to companies founded by women in contexts where there are possibilities to be found - for example with investors or other types of support. We work to match these with relevant capital or support and, together with our partners, we regularly invite to different kinds of events.

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                                              You get access to lists of investors in Sweden and abroad, regular invitations to meetings with investors, talks with experts from various fields, a packed newsletter every month, trend scouting and in-depth knowledge of doing business in an ever-changing world and, of course, access to the member network.

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                                                                     You get to feel the joy of contributing to a better future. 

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                     Today's system is unable to change at the pace required by the planet. Therefore, we need new platforms, new cross-connections, and new networks that build new types of companies, new value chains, new behaviours, and new markets. To meet our challenges in time, we need new ways to connect and new financing solutions.

Currently, women receive 1% of venture capital and thus do not have the opportunity to sufficiently impact our common future through their entrepreneurship. Where venture capital has a narrow view of which types of innovations are worth investing in, we want to work towards giving more people the opportunity to make an impact.


                                           We are a platform working to give important ideas greater opportunities to grow. We do this by collecting and listing companies founded by women and offering them a faster path to reach their goals. We create new paths to financing/support and build new networks.

We offer memberships to entrepreneurs, providing them with more opportunities for development.

The issue of women's entrepreneurship is complex, and far from everyone has the same needs. No matter if you feel comfortable with the current entrepreneurial climate or you want to contribute to a systemic shift, you are welcome to join us!

New mindsets regarding the economy are also emerging worldwide under concepts such as circular economy, donut economics, purpose-driven economy, and de-growth. Therefore, we also aim to contribute to spreading knowledge about these concepts so that more people can participate, influence, and take action within the emerging systems.

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