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Position 99 is all about women in business. We help in finding new roads to answers, support, capital and network. 

It is also a place for those to understand the hidden potential in female entrepreneurship and want to get in contact with business owners or contribute to change.

The future starts here


We collect and bring spotlight to companies founded by women in contexts where there are possibilities to be found - for example with investors or other types of support. We work to match these with relevant capital or support and, together with our partners, we regularly invite to different kinds of events.

You will get access to our network, discounts on webinars and updates on events.

Are you unable to support our work? There are other things you can do to strengthen women's entrepreneurship. Become a customer, open a door, connect them with someone new, like and comment on their social media posts or recommend them to others. Everything matters.


In a circular economy, businesses needs to be built around other principles than those we are used to. In our webinars you will learn new skills that will give you advantages in new and growing markets.

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Today's system is unable to change at the rate the planet requires. To meet our societal challenges, we need new platforms, new cross-connections and new networks that build new types of companies, new value chains, new behaviors, new financing solutions and establish new markets.


Today, women receive 1% of venture capital and do not have the opportunity to influence our common future  through their business. Where the venture capital has a narrow view of what types of innovations and entrepreneurs are worth investing in, we want to work in different ways so that more people have the opportunity to change the status quo.

We want to ensure that important ideas have greater opportunities to grow. We do this by collecting and listing companies founded by women and offering them a faster way to get where they want to go. We educate, give advise, create new networks and provide new paths to support and funding.


New types of economies are emerging such as circular economy, donut economy, purpose economy, mothering economy and degrowth and we want to contribute to spreading knowledge about these so that more people can participate in these new systems.

The issue of women's entrepreneurship is complex and everyone does not have the same needs. But regardless of whether you feel at home in today's entrepreneurial climate or you want to contribute to a system change, you are welcome to join us!



Our contribution

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